koga hentai kancolle

Kaga Hentai from Kantai Collection

Kantai Collection or Kancolle is a real goldmine of cute waifus, presented here as antropomorphic ships fighting in the World War II. From smallest destroyers to biggest battleships like Yamato, every major

schatchach hentai fate

Scáthach Hentai: Ample Busted Fate Waifu

Scáthach or actually Queen of the Land of Shadows is a big busted female warrior-queen from British and Irish mythology, wielding powerful spear, But she’s also very proficient in wielding other shafts,

orc hentai

Orc Hentai: Anime Girls & Green Beasts

Orc are ruthless race of green menace, plaguing many kingdoms and assaulting peaceful cities. But the kingdoms aren’t the only thing they’re invading: orcs are after girls bodies too, and some the